Do feel a calling to teach Yoga classes? Maybe you realize the benefits of practice and want to pass your knowledge on to others. Some interns want to deepen their experience and have no intention of teaching. There are many reasons why someone chooses to become a Yoga instructor and for that reason we have a variety of programs.

What kind of Yoga instructor training can experienced teachers or intern expect at Aura Wellness Center? We have a variety of programs, such as: Onsite training, distance learning, continuing education, private intensives and consultations

Yoga teacher training online and distance learning programs have many advantages. Completing your entire course at home, without having to travel, take time away from work or leave you obligations behind, are a few of the many reasons why people find distance learning to be the best option. Additionally, the cost of taking a distance learning course is significantly reduced in comparison to a face-to-face training.

Continuing education courses for certified Yoga instructors are a useful option to expand your foundational teaching skills. Experienced teachers like this option for obtaining non-contact continuing education credits or specialist training for working with new groups of students, such as: Prenatal, children, seniors, therapy, or teaching physically challenging classes.

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