Yoga routine for triathletes

Triathlon season is upon us! Do you want to stay in peak shape without compromising your training? Would you like to recover more easily and avoid injuries during sporting events? Do you want to feel that your body is more … Read more

Je suis le Gourou

REGARDEZ LA VIDEO ICI Je suis le Gourou est un programme par internet pour vous aider à trouver votre mission et devenir maîtres de votre destinée. La conférence sera offert le 2 juin 2014 à Montreal. Visitez pour vous inscrire.  Je … Read more

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Tap into new energy this spring!

The months of April and May are ideal for doing a little spring cleaning. Some yoga practices, combined with a cleansing routine, will help the body to more easily eliminate toxins accumulated over the winter. Because they help increase blood … Read more

neuroplasticity and yoga

Neuroplasticity is a term that describes the mechanisms by which the brain is able to change while learning. The brain has the ability to create, undo or reorganise the pathways and synapses created by the neurons. It was initially thought … Read more

Wanderlust festival Tremblant

When we think of people who do yoga, we imagine that they’re all zen and calm. While that may be true, they don’t spend their days in tranquil meditation like the Buddha! People who practice yoga are also known for … Read more