Tap into new energy this spring!

The months of April and May are ideal for doing a little spring cleaning. Some yoga practices, combined with a cleansing routine, will help the body to more easily eliminate toxins accumulated over the winter.

Because they help increase blood flow to the internal organs and stimulate lymphatic function, the most beneficial yoga positions are inverted and twisting poses. If the idea of hot yoga appeals, spring is the appropriate season in which to practice it. And because the spring practice will be the most revitalizing and dynamic of the year, we can make the most of this renewed energy to tackle more advanced poses, which require more strength and increase the core body temperature needed for detoxification. As with any cleansing process, however, it is important to take the time to relax by including a restorative pose to achieve balance.

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neuroplasticity and yoga

neuroplasticity and yogaNeuroplasticity is a term that describes the mechanisms by which the brain is able to change while learning. The brain has the ability to create, undo or reorganise the pathways and synapses created by the neurons. It was initially thought that brain development occurred only in childhood, but one of the latest great findings in neuroscience is that we all have access to this capacity to undo, rebuild, and create new neural pathways, even as adults.

Since the brain is constantly reconfiguring its networks, and yoga prompts us to move differently (compared with an activity like running, which is the repetition of a familiar gesture), it opens up  the possibility of creating new neural pathways that could help us to increase our capacity to solve problems, discover new ideas or simply think differently. The body allows us to renew ourselves continually at all levels, a capacity that extends to injuries or lesions.

If you want to create new neural pathways to access different ideas or views about life’s challenges, try yoga! Yoga poses, which can be unusual, make this form of learning ideal for our grey matter.

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Wanderlust festival Tremblant

When we think of people who do yoga, we imagine that they’re all zen and calm. While that may be true, they don’t spend their days in tranquil meditation like the Buddha!

People who practice yoga are also known for loving life and being content with very little. They move gracefully, dance freely, and eat mindfully with a concern for minimizing their environmental footprint. They are always conscious of their intentions and of the consequences of their actions, and they cultivate a way of living that tends to be in harmony with their surroundings and the people around them.

The Wanderlust Festival will bring together regional and international yoga communities in a festive atmosphere of yoga, music, and outdoor enjoyment. Hundreds of yogis and yoginis from around the world will be in Tremblant August 22 to 24, 2014. Teachers like Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Megan Currie, Ichih Wang, Bram Levinson and myself will come together to offer an amazing yoga experience; the famous Mc Yogi and Dj Drez among other great music performers will also join us.

Join us; summer is the perfect time to experience it and enjoy Tremblant that will vibrate with the joie de vivre for which Quebec is so famous!



A friend of mine decided to take up yoga for the stretching and to perform better at his favourite activity, which is cycling.

As it turns out, his yoga practice has opened up a world of possibilities! He told me today that after just a few months, he has learned to better control his breathing and has increased his lung capacity; he is able to get “into the zone” more quickly and easily; that the lingering back ache he thought would never disappear is gone; that his inner strength and concentration have improved exponentially; and that he has learned to enjoy being in the moment without thinking about competing. He feels calm, serene, and detached from the need to perform.

As a yoga teacher, I think his cycling season will be vastly improved by the openness he has created throughout his body through good breathing techniques. Even if performance has taken a back seat, his ability to be alert will help him achieve his goals, whether it’s to win or simply to enjoy his sport while maintaining his health at an optimal level! Try this yoga routine: Yoga for cyclists

How can we tune in when constantly being solicited outward?


Being a yogi with the discipline of practicing meditation for many years has served me well. I can easily turn the switch off and be in the present moment even when times are hectic. It has served me as a mother, as a business owner and in my daily life. It keeps my head clear and I easily manage any stressful situations with detachment.

My summer vacation brought me confirmation that it is really difficult, in this “instant communication” world, to really disconnect from the virtual and to authentically connect with the moments we share with our loved ones. Even with years of practice, I was challenged by not being connected! Do you see yourself? Is it difficult for you to be in the moment without having to worry about the next phone call, text or Twitter post?

This fall, try to disconnect at least 15 minutes per day and tune inward in silence or just try to be present with your family and friends without the anticipation of the next instant message… enjoy the moment! And please, don’t even think about sharing this moment with the world on Facebook because you’re not doing it the right way!!!