Meditation & Yoga

In this online yoga program, Janick shares insights on how to synchronize your life with the universal rhythm and get a yoga & meditation practice within your daily routine.

The YOGA OF THE SEASONS program offers eight online yoga practices and four different meditations that you can choose from. The downloadable manual has all the tools and daily exercises that is essential for writing your progress and your embodiement of the teachings.


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«Thank you so much Janick for inspiring me to listen to my body, my soul, and to follow my heart! I now have the courage to be and to live the life I have always wanted.» Cynthia, 42

«The Yoga of the Seasons brought balance into my life!» Josée, 37
«I feel I have more control over my body since I started the Yoga of the Seasons.»Catherine, 47
«I loved the program! It gave me tools to help me reduce my stress level that was causing my abdominal pain!»Kim, 25